Online Follow – Up Consultation


Book your appointment online via the below link – You will receive a confirmation email, confirming the booking.

Payment must be received 48 hours before the consultation *, at which time an email will be sent with the link to join a zoom online consultation.

* should you wish to book within 48 hours – please call or send me a message via facebook messenger when making payment, so arrangements can be made to send the meeting request immediately.


Follow-up Consultations are approximately 45 minutes and are designed on your individual needs, to help you reach your health goals.


You will have received your Individualised treatment plan at least 48 hours before your 1st scheduled follow-up appointment.  During this consultation we will go over the comprehensive treatment plan  which will be tailored to your individual needs, based on the information accumulated in our initial consultation and any further research I have undertaken.

The treatment plans may include (but are not limited to):

  • recommendations for dietary, lifestyle and environmental changes
  • timeline of recommended changes (we cannot change everything at once or overnight)
  • nutritional inclusions & exclusions
  • supplement recommendations
  • meal plan and recipe ideas
  • any additional resources necessary to support your health goals.

Should there be any recommended pathology or functional testing which I believe to be important to your overall health goals (eg food intolerance testing, serum blood tests, Hair 500 bio-analysis),  these will be discussed at this time and arranged as necessary.


Each subsequent consultation is individually designed to track your progress, provide feedback from testing, answer any questions you may have, implement recommendations from or make changes to your treatment plan as necessary and support you in reaching your goals.

Find out more about consultations here.


Flourishing Families goal is to provide quality health care in a timely manner. As such a strict 24 hour cancellation policy exists, to ensure I can provide a high level of care to all clients.  However, I do understand that sometimes unexpected events can arise, please notify me if you are unable to attend your appointment at least 24 hours hours prior to your scheduled time, so I can reschedule your appointment and offer your time slot to clients awaiting appointments. Should an emergency arise, please contact me as soon as possible.

Rescheduling the appointment within 24 hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Missed appointments with no notification, will incur the full consultation fee.

REFUNDS:  Will be provided if an appropriate consultation time can not be obtained, or when notice is given prior to 24 hours of the booked consultation time and an appropriate rescheduled time can not be made.


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