Bio-Compatibility Testing for Pets


How will the test be carried out?

STEP 1: Select all the services you would like to carry out, make payment via Paypal which includes the postage fees I incur on sending your sample to the lab for testing (please note you will not need to complete the payment details on the pet application as this has already been completed &  the form does not include the postage fees).

STEP 2: You will receive a confirmation email and a link to download your order form and complete, ensuring you note your pets symptoms.

STEP 3: Cut enough fur to cover the black box on the application form and place in plastic ziplock bag.

STEP 4: Staple your ziplock bag to your order form and return to

Flourishing Families Holistic Nutrition

86a Princes Highway, FAIRY MEADOW, NSW 2519

STEP 5: Your results will be emailed to you within approximately 3 weeks from receipt of the sample.  I will also contact you for a free 15 minute call to discuss the implementation of the program.

STEP 6: You follow the wellness program . Re-testing is also recommended at 6 months.

* If at anytime you have questions you can email me at [email protected] or call on 0408 850 943.



Is your Pet Suffering from unexplained Symptoms of: – 

skin irritations, itchiness or eczema

gut issues

persistently seeming unwell




They may benefit from undertaking the bio-compatibility hair analysis, to see if the foods they are consuming may be affecting their symptoms.  Bio-Compatibility Hair Testing is performed in a specialized laboratory on the Sunshine Coast using methods that have been researched and developed over 30 years.

The test is noninvasive and completely safe, with no side effects. Medications and topical products will not alter the results of the test. All you need to do is supply some of your pets fur (enough to cover the patch in the request form)  and return to us for analysis.  Results take approximately 3 weeks from receipt of the sample.

You will then be emailed a comprehensive report on the 243 foods & products tested and instructions on how to implement the program.

If you have any questions please send them through to [email protected]

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