Acute Consultation


Acute Consultation to obtain support for immune boosting winter wellness, colds, flus and acute consultations that present.

Acute Consultations are not for chronic or complicated health conditions, please select an initial consultation for these purposes.


Acute consultations are perfect for those wanting to undertake immune boosting for winter wellness, or are suffering with acute conditions like the common cold or a flu.

Consultations can be undertaken over the phone or online and any supplements that are recommended can be ordered via my online dispensary and delivered straight to your door.

Upon booking your acute consultation, you will be sent a confirmation email, which will contain a pre-consultation questionnaire, where you can enter all the details of your current complaint, eg immune boosting, cold, flu, etc. Along with the details necessary to ensure appropriate advice is recommended.

The confirmation email will also contain payment details  (payment required prior to the consultation) or you can make payment here on the website.

After your consultation you will receive a copy of my Immune Boosting Tips ebook and Immune Boosting Recipes Ebook.

Please refer to my privacy policy for information on how your personal information is handled.  All information is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared.


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