Are you a busy health practitioner, creating an epic 4 week detox program? 

It’s easy to have a nutritionally balanced 4 week detox menu plan, ready to go! READ ON!

Yep I’ve already written for you 4 x 7 day menu plans. So you just need to pop them into your program!  Saving you time and money!!!!! 

Your clients will love the 4 beautifully presented ebooks, which contain:

  •  A 7 day menu plan
  • Shopping List
  • Recipes (In Australian metric measurements)
  • Access to a private Facebook Group (optional – but wouldn’t it be great having an extra nutritionist on hand to answer your clients, menu plan questions?)
  • Tips, tricks, support & advice for your clients, on how to create a menu that suits their dietary needs (modifications are included in the recipes).
  • 5 photos of recipes in each 7 day plan (that’s a photo package of 20 photos to use in your social media or private facebook group). The photos vary between prep photos and the finished product, saving you the time of cooking & photographing your meals to play along!

Creating nutritionally balanced menu plans takes hours Add in more time for developing the accompanying shopping list, recipes and adding in options for dietary changes!  As a result that hour you’d slotted in for creating your beautiful weeks meal plan – just blew out to 5 hours!!!

Now times that by 4 weeks worth of plans!!!

Have you got a spare 20 hours to spend planning your menus, for the program?  OR would you rather be out there seeing clients and selling the program?

Why Choose Our Plans, Over a Software Package or Creating your Own? 

  • I’m saving you the cost of a monthly membership to software.
  • I’m saving you time that can be spent in your business, servicing clients and earning an income.
  • I recipe test the recipes for you, providing dietary options and other notes.
  • I’ve altered all the measurements in the software, to Australian metric, saving you the time & your clients will love the ease of not having to make conversions!
  • I’m offering photographs so you don’t even have to cook the recipes and photograph, to interact with clients.
  • You have the option of your clients accessing my private facebook group too.  Use this as an added bonus and also lighten the load, with an extra nutritionist on board!

What are you waiting for – jump on board and make your epic program even more EPIC!!!

-Read the description for more details on each of the weekly menus-


Each of the 4 week detox menu plans is based on nutritious wholefoods.  With each week building on the next, to ensure a well balanced and varied plan. 

All menu plans are gluten and dairy free. However week 4 does have options for testing or re-introducing these back into the diet.

The plans provide leftovers, as meals to make it easy for clients to feel prepared and reduce the stress whilst detoxing!

Each plan has notes related to that weeks meals.  It also outlines why the meals were chosen.

Plans consist of between 17 – 19 recipes for each week and are simple and easy to create.


This menu is all about smoothies, stews, broth and easy to digest foods. Every day starts with a lemon & ginger detox tea.  Day 1 is all smoothies and every day this week contains at least one smoothie.

Broth is encouraged daily and there is an option for those who don’t love broth as a drink. I’ve included in the notes a recipe to replace this with a collagen drink instead!

Days 1 – 3 & 5 are vegetarian and the other main meals contain no red meat this week.


A new morning drink of homemade Chai is introduced this week.  While a smoothie a day is continued, but the ingredients will surprise you!  Did someone say frozen cauliflower???

While easy to digest is still the theme, the meals are anti-inflammatory in nature. We are building on week 1, encouraging more solid meals and the re-introduction of red meat. The recipes call for organic grass-fed meat and is used in stewed form, for easy digestion. Teaching opportunity about the benefits of organic and grass -fed here!

This week is about nourishing the body whilst it detoxes!


This menu is designed to build on the first 2 weeks of the menu plan. It is still nourishing and supportive of the detox!

This week has been designed to show your clients how easy it is to incorporate different dietary principles into their weekly menu (meat & 3 veg, vegetarian, healing soup, seafood, thinking outside the salad box, etc).

This is the week they are starting to feel awesome after detoxing mind & body, it’s also green tea morning drink this week!


The last menu in the 28 day detox is designed to allow opportunities for your clients to test dairy and gluten, should they choose.  It’s also an opportunity for education on listening to the body around inflammatory foods.

If your client tests the dairy & gluten and finds they again react, what a perfect way to transition them onto individual consultations, for some individualised gut healing!

Or even better a gut healing program – check out my 3 week gut healing menus too!

So now your client has  a months’ worth of recipes, teach them how to  mix and match the days and recipes, to create their own meal plans!


TERMS OF PURCHASE can be viewed here, by making this purchase you are agreeing to the terms or purchase. 

NOTE:  Bronze level purchases are branded in the Flourishing Families Holistic Nutrition Brand.  You are able to use this to your advantage, advising clients the plans have been developed by a nutritionist.  However, all meal plans must be accompanied by the Disclaimer, noted in the Terms of Purchase and is your responsibility to include.


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