28 Day Personalised Meal Plan


Personalised 28 Day Meal Plan to suit your family’s needs, whether they are dietary (nut free, egg free, soy free, gluten free, dairy free, etc) or lifestyle (time constraints, freezer meals, prepare ahead, easy-on-the-go, etc) related.

Each Meal Plan comes beautifully presented in your own personalised PDFs (1 7 Day plan per PDF) so that’s 4 personalised ebooks, containing hints, tips and notes individualised to your family! You can print and bind as a recipe book or easily access the documents from your computer or device.

Each  28 Day Meal Plan Bundle Includes:

  • SAVINGS of $30 per 7 day plan – so that’s a total of $120 saved (already calculated in the pricing)
  • 4 x 7 Day Menu Plans personalised to your family (including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)*
  • 4 x Weekly Shopping Lists (print off and tick what you need, use your phone photo tools to tick items needed and use as a digital shopping list or use it to conveniently do your shopping online)
  • Full Recipes (including variations, storage tips and more)
  • LESS STRESS – this is just a bonus because I have taken all the thinking and planning stress away – you just need to shop & cook!

If you haven’t already, download our free 3 Day Sample Menu, so you can get started while you wait for your individual plan!

To  Start Your Meal Planning Journey


  1. Select the plan that best suits your needs (remember the discount on the weekly rate increases with the number of weeks purchased & those choosing a 21 or 28 day plan receive a FREE 20 minute planning call)
  2. Make payment via paypal (credit cards can be used if you don’t have a paypal account
  3. Complete the meal plan assessment, via the link emailed to you
  4. I’ll be in touch within 72 business hours of receiving the completed assessment, with your beautiful individual meal plan PDF.

* Each weeks meal plans will contain different recipes, however some repetition within the meal plan may exist (eg. Leftovers for lunch, Prep-ahead breakfasts, snacks that make more than one days quantity, like bliss balls or muffins), depending on your family’s needs.

NOTE: Payment plans are available on plans involving 2 or more weeks, please contact me directly for details.

TIP: Follow the Menu Plan for the week, mix and match days from each menu to create your own week or simply use the individualised ebook, as your own personal recipe book!


“These Personalised Meal Plans are for YOU, if…….”

You have family members with differing dietary needs and your struggling to find meals to suit everyone!

You or a family member has been diagnosed with food intolerances, allergies or a medical condition that requires a specific diet!

Your sick of making several separate meals for different family members!

You’ve been given specific macro and/or micro nutrient requirements by your gym, PT or doctor and your not sure what meals to cook, to ensure you meet those needs!

Your feeling the stress of trying to run a household, make sure everyone is fed, and making sure that the food you provide is healthy and nutritious!

You just don’t know what to cook or are sick of thinking about it!

Your sick of relying on expensive,  packaged foods that offer no nutritional value and in some cases actually impact our health, leaving us feeling sick, anxious and blah! Hello bloating, headaches, diarrhoea/constipation, anxiety and the list goes on……

Your concerned the foods your feeding the family may be causing hyperactivity and behavioural issues in your children!

Your needs vary from day-to-day! One day you need to rely on a freezer meal, the next a prepped meal for on-the-go, while other nights you have plenty of time to cook and bake!

YOU WANT MORE TIME TO SPEND WITH YOUR FAMILY – with a menu plan, shopping list & recipes all ready to go – you’ll be saving time and money! Do your shopping online in the comfort of your own home (why not shop in your PJ’s 🙂 ), while your watching TV at night relaxing, or on your lunch break at work.

YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY!!!!! You’ll know exactly what to buy, so no more strolling supermarket isles grabbing items you “might” need, you’ll only need to grab those items you do need!  And if you shop online, you’ll remove the temptation to impulse buy too!


Simply purchase the personalised meal plan package that suits your family, either 7, 14, 21 or 28 days (the more weeks you purchase the more you save on the weekly price & as a bonus, those who purchase 21 or 28 days receives a FREE planning call). Once payment has been made, you’ll be emailed a link to complete a comprehensive meal planning assessment survey.  With questions surrounding:

  • Dietary needs (Eg. gluten free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, etc)
  • Dietary likes and dislikes (Eg. I love Avocado but hate banana’s)
  • Lifestyle (Eg. Do some nights need quick and easy, prep-ahead or on-the-go OR do you eat out 1 night every week, etc)
  • Goals
  • And more….

This will automatically upload to the Flourishing Meal Plans database and give us the information needed to create your individual meal plan.

You will than receive your beautifully presented document via email within 72 business hours, of the completion of your survey.  NOTE: For plans involving  14 – 28 days, week 1 will be delivered within 72 hours and you will be notified at this time of expected delivery of remaining weeks.

If any questions or difficulties arise you will be contacted by email and/or phone, so please ensure all your information is correct and valid.


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